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Amp up the pitch events!

Pre converts a typical pitch event into an exciting and rewarding experience for everyone involved


Startups receive feedback from the audience in real time. Pitch events now become an avenue for startups to get free market research, test their assumptions, validate their ideas, and build their community of PreInvestors - their fans and evangelists! With their Startup Scorecard®, startups can now showcase to potential investors the excitement their ventures are generating.


Audience play the role of mock investors and judges. They invest PreMoney in startups they find most investable. Competing with each other to make the smartest investments at the event, they get to compare their 'returns' with others in the audience and the experts. They are no longer passive participants at events but play an active role in the startups' journey.


Pitch event organizers can now provide their participants and attendees a rewarding and valuable experience. An increased audience engagement and returning users offer more value to sponsors. Events practice innovation that they seek to promote. Pre helps with event promotion and brand visibility.

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