Hosting an Event on Pre: Best Practices

This guide shares some of the best practices from events using the Pre app.

Before the Event

Communications with your attendees before an event is a great way to have the audience set up and ready to go with the Pre app for your event.

  • For in-person events, a flyer with instructions to hand out to your attendees works well to onboard them. These flyers will include instructions on downloading and using the Pre app, your event code so attendees can join, and a great place to add your branding. If you would like a flyer customized for your event, reach out to us at:
  • Share the link: where attendees can find links to download the app. You can share this link in your email communications, social media posts, Eventbrite, and for virtual events, in the chat box along with the event code at the onset of your event.
  • You can also use our QR code to help your audience download the app.

During the Event

The more you hype up the audience at your event, the more engagement and excitement you will create! Giving your audience time to make their preInvestments and reminding them to give feedback to the startups is a sure way to increase participation.

  • In between startup presentations, remind your audience to give feedback to the startups and make their investments and ratings
  • Remind the audience that they can change their investments as often as they like till the event ends.
  • Mention that at the end of the event, the Pre app will display who the top three preInvestors in the room were.
  • Let the audience know that their participation and feedback is of great value for the startups pitching.

End of Event

You can make the end of your event exciting, as everyone is anticipating the winners.

  • Before you end your event, let your audience know you are closing the investment window.
  • 10 . 9 . 8 ... Countdown from 10 before displaying the results. Get the audience involved in the countdown! (Remember, results are not displayed when you End the Event, but when you click on Display Results).
  • Take a minute or two to call on the top preInvestors from the preInvestor Leaderboard to explain their rationale in investing the way they did.

Types of rewards you can give

Everyone loves rewards! Even small awards can amp up the excitement at an event. Awards can be given to startups and to members in the audience to increase participation. Audience awards work great for business plan competitions to increase student excitement. For pitch events, audience awards work best to increase attendance, participation and to bring your audience back! Types of awards that can be given are:

  • Top startups chosen by the judges
  • Top startups chosen by the audience
  • Top preInvestor from the audience