Breaking through

2020 was a tough year to say the least, but entrepreneurs with grit and determination innovated and grew as a community. As a startup ourself, we at Pre were able to extend our services to pitch events and contests not only across the U.S but across borders to events in Africa, India, China, and Europe. […]

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Next Gen Accelerators

How do you identify the next gen accelerators? A simple apostrophe can do the trick. Examine their narratives when they speak about community. Whereas others talk only about their Startup Community, next gen accelerators talk about the Startup’s Community. They leverage their own community to help startups build theirs. And that tiny apostrophe can make

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Audience at an event

A New Form for a New Norm

In the wake of coronavirus, pitch events are scrambling to move online. This is resulting in some new formats of pitch events. One such interesting format was spurred by the question: Why not use videos of pitches instead of live pitching? Although pitching online via a livestream – such as Zoom – enables the continuity

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