Breaking through

2020 was a tough year to say the least, but entrepreneurs with grit and determination innovated and grew as a community. As a startup ourself, we at Pre were able to extend our services to pitch events and contests not only across the U.S but across borders to events in Africa, India, China, and Europe. Through this journey we came across some very interesting startups. Here are some highlights from our community. Winners as determined by PreInvestors (audience who received PreMoney and play the role of mock investors at the event)


Lelu was the winner from Princeton’s Underrepresented Minority Startup Showcase. Founded at Stanford University by Ana Layva, their mission is to make bilingualism a vibrant part of every child’s life. Raising 107,810 preMoney, Lelu beat the competition by over $9,000. Find out more about Lelu at:


DocIt was the clear winner at the Ideas 2 Impact event raising over 30,000 more preMoney than the competition. DocIt is a SaaS web application platform that provides software developers with a toolkit for easier, simpler, more efficient communication of richer technical documentation

Clean Electric

With 1 million commercial vehicles sold in India, Clean Electric has an opportunity to give second life to old diesel vehicles by converting them into electric. Clean electric was another clear winner over their competition at TiE University's Finale featuring teams from several countries. Find out more about Clean Electric here

Stay tuned as we share more amazing startups across different events. As always, you can download the app at and find these startups yourself from our curated Highlights section. Alternatively, check out some winning startups on our website here.