Engage your classrooms through a real life scenario!

Business Plan presentations for students can be dull and tedious. For both, the ones presenting and those listening. A hoop to jump through for a grade. But it doesn't have to be that way.

With Pre you can make business presentations fun and engaging while teaching students through a real world scenario. Pre uses elements of gamification to engage the audience and get feedback for presenters. It puts the classroom in the shoes of investors, acting as mock investors and the presenters in the shoes of startups. As the students make their presentations, the classroom will be able to invest a fictional currency, preMoney, into ideas they like best, while rating the presentations, and sending feedback to the presenters. Teachers have the full ability to end and display results instantly. Read this on how to host a business plan event on Pre.

Results in form of Startup Leaderboard are displayed for only the top three startups/presenters. The preInvestor leaderboard displays only the top three mock investors based on their return on investment! Rating results are also displayed only for top three presentations for each criteria. This feature is fully customizable and can also be turned OFF.

You can add an additional level of gamification and motivation by giving bonus points to those students which were the top investors and the top presenters! Who doesn't want or need bonus grade points?

Online Events and Classrooms

Pre works with virtual events and online classes as well as in classrooms. It adds additional value to engage the students at home, motivate participation, and measure results. There are two ways in which Pre can be used online.

Live Stream or Virtual Meeting
With livestreams and virtual meetings, the Pre app works the same way as if it were an in person event. Presentations can be streamed from Zoom, Youtube, or any platform the classroom uses, while the mock investing is done through the Pre app. Online business plan competitions can be held in this manner as can end of the semester student presentations.

Pre Recorded Videos
Pre-recorded videos are another option, an alternative to livestream. Students submit a video of their presentations. On Pre these pitch videos are associated with their respective presenters. With pitch videos, events can last, a day, a week, or however long the professor or organizer needs. In this way, students and those participating have a week to watch all the pitch videos and make their investments and ratings. Videos can be integrated within the Pre app for an in-app experience and/or posted on organizer's website or the school's learning management system to be viewed on both mobile or desktop.

Business Plan Competitions

Business plan competitions are what Pre was designed for. It allows the audience to become active participants while building a hype around the event for students. Pre works for the many different ways Business Plan Competitions are held, whether the startups are presenting on one stage or at different tables. The use of Pre at Business Plan Competitions is the same as with pitch events where the audience is able to: mock invest, rate the startups on a questions set by the organizer, and message the founders with feedback and questions. Results are then computed and displayed at the discretion of the organizer.

Many Business Plan Competitions have judges. Judges can also be added to an event. Judges will have the same experience of the audience within the app with the only difference being that results by judges will be computed and displayed separately. This allows for two perspectives on each presentation!

Awards can be designed around results for startups (judges awards, audience choice awards) and also for audience (best preInvestor awards) for their participation. Awards are another form of gamification to motivate and encourage participation from all those involved!