How it Works

Pre uses gamification to make pitch events fun, engaging, and rewarding for the startups, audience and investors. The more engaged they are, the more fun they have and the more value it creates for them, the startups and investors.

Short Description

  • Host sets up the event on the app and shares an event code with the audience
  • When audience members enter the code on the app, they receive PreMoney®, a fictional currency on Pre, to invest in the startups pitching at the event.
  • Startups compete to raise the most PreMoney from the audience aka PreInvestors
  • PreInvestors compete to make the smartest investments
  • When event ends, Startup Leaderboard displays top 3 startups and PreInvestor Leaderboard displays top 3 PreInvestors
  • PreInvestors can also rate the pitches, chat directly with founders, track their PreMoney® investments, and much more.
For live online events, audience watches the pitches on Zoom or other streaming platforms, and uses the Pre app to make investments, rate and chat. If using pre-recorded pitch videos, the audience can watch the pitches from within the app.


Here's a short video on how audience uses the Pre app at pitch events.

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