Next Gen Accelerators

How do you identify the next gen accelerators?

A simple apostrophe can do the trick.

Examine their narratives when they speak about community.

Whereas others talk only about their Startup Community, next gen accelerators talk about the Startup’s Community. They leverage their own community to help startups build theirs.

And that tiny apostrophe can make a world of difference to founders seeking to gain traction and creating barriers to entry.

Why? Because community is the new moat.

In the First Round Review’s State of Startups, 80% of founders reported a community of users as important to their business with 28% describing it as a moat and critical to their success.

Several accelerators, incubators, pitch events, universities are now using Pre to help startups build communities around their ventures. But we are not the only tool out there. The point is, if you are a startup or a startup-enabler, you should be paying attention to the apostrophe in startup community vs startup's community. That simple apostrophe can make a world of difference to the world of a startup.