Hosting an Online Event with Pre

Introducing a new way to hold and enhance the online pitch event experience. The Pre app enables online pitch events through the app via pitch videos. It is also a great tool to complement events via livestream.

This guide is designed to help understand how to use the Pre app with online pitch events.

Pre with Pitch Videos

How it works

  • As a host, you set up an event on Pre the usual way. If you need a refresher, we have a wonderful guide here.
  • Collect links to pre-recorded pitch videos from startups and send them to us at We’ll associate these links with the startups in your event.
  • Activate your event !

How Audience uses it

The audience will be able to access the videos of the respective startups from these links. When users click on Pitch Video, they will be able to view the video from within the app. After viewing the Pitch Video, the users return to the investment screen where they invest in, rate the pitch, and message the startups with feedback.

The host has control over when to end the event and display results. When you end the event and display results, you and your audience will have a startup leaderboard, a preInvestor leaderboard, and a ratings section showing how the top startups rated.

This allows the pitch event to be extended from a 1-hour event to a day-long or a week-long as per the Host’s decision. This opens up the possibility for a pitch event to be run like a campaign, and also allows for wider participation. More visibility, engagement, and feedback for the startups and publicity for your pitch event.

Pre with Livestream

Pre also works great with livestream and Zoom events to engage your audience and allow them to interact with the founders pitching. This is not a voting app, so users do not have to passively wait until the end of the event to choose their favorite pitch. The investment, rating, and feedback is specific to each startup which creates full engagement.

How it works

  • As a host, you set up an event on Pre the usual way. If you need a refresher we have a wonderful guide here.
  • Once you set up an event on Pre, you will have an event code. Activate your event and share the event code with your audience. With this code the audience will be able to join your event on Pre.
  • Hold your virtual pitch event from any platform of your choosing (Zoom, Twitch, Youtube, Hangouts). During your event, remind the audience to invest, rate, and give feedback to the startups presenting.
  • The ending of the event and displaying the results are up to your discretion but we have one recommended ending:
After all the startups have finished pitching, give your audience a minute window to finish their investments. After the minute is up, end the event and have a live countdown before displaying the results. Results will be displayed in the form of startup leaderboard, preInvestor leaderboard, and ratings as ratings for the top startups. You can announce the winners and give out awards if you have any.

Getting the word out to your audience

There are a number of ways to get the word out to your audience that you will be using Pre for your event. Hosts have included it on their Eventbrite page, added it to their email blasts, and displayed the info on their websites for the particular event. If you need specific examples, please reach out. Directions for the audience is very simple and their experience through the app is very intuitive. The only directions the audience need are :

  • Download the app from: or their native app store
  • Register with account type preInvestor
  • Log into the app and use the JOIN, button to join an event with the event code
Share the event code after you have activated the event on your end in a number of ways, including website, eventbrite, and even on your livestream!