SPACs: Average Joe meets Investor Jane

With the crowd in a frenzy to get in the startup-investing action right from an early-stage (crowdfunding) to pre-IPO stage (SPACs), it raises a question: how well-informed are retail investors about the processes and risks of startup-investing?

SPACs raised a staggering $82 billion in 2020, more than in last 10 years combined. That number is already on course to get dwarfed in 2021.

At Pre, we are excited about late-stage investing opening up to retail investors. At the same time, we are also concerned about the likelihood of a lot of people losing lot of money. While a clamor for regulation is understandable, we believe in the power of education and information.

We are building a gamified financial literacy platform on SPACs, etc. It will sit atop our current Gamified Startup Investing platform Pre that engages the crowd with early stage (pre-funding) startups at pitch events and competitions.

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