Guide for Startups

This guide is designed to help startups get up to speed in preparation for pitch events using the Pre app!

With this guide we’re going to walk you through
1. Applying to an event
2. Setting up your account
3. Making most of Pre at the event
4. Using Pre after the event

First Things First

Download the Pre app from your mobile device’s app store. Launch the app and sign in.

If you are having trouble finding the app in your app store, visit on your mobile device and tap the appropriate link for your device.

1. Applying to your Event

To pitch at an event that is using Pre, you will need to confirm your participation. Depending on the approach taken by the Host of the event, there are 2 ways to do this:

A] One-touch Application

  • Switch your role to the Startup role.
  • Select the Startup from the list.
  • Under the Discover Events section, tap on the Event you want to participate in.
  • When the event page opens up, tap on the Apply to Pitch button displaying at the bottom.
  • A message on the screen should confirm your application.

B] Using the 6-digit Startup Code

  • Switch your role to the Startup role.
  • Select the Startup from the list.
  • Enter the 6-digit Statup Code you would have received from the organizer
  • A message on the screen should confirm your application.

If you type in the code and receive the prompt “Invalid code!”, double check your code.

2. Customizing your Account

You can customize your startup's profile on Pre to better inform and engage with the audience. To go to your profile, from the Dashboard screen, tap the Profile Icon in the bottom-bar right corner. To edit your profile, tap the Edit Profile button.

  • Profile picture: ​Your logo or professional portrait
  • Cover Photo​: An image that showcases your brand, product, or location
  • Social media links:​ A way for the pitch event audience to continue to follow you during and after the event.
Completed profiles are more likely to receive audience's interest during and after your event.

3. Using Pre at the Event

You’ve registered for the event and customized your account. Now it’s time to pitch! To make the most of your participation at the event,

A. Check Messages

Look for the red dot on the Message icon or check your message screen occasionally for new messages you may have received.

B. Actively seek feedback

At events that use Pre, you have the opportunity to receive feedback from everyone in the audience who are using Pre. At the end of your presentation, remind the audience to send direct messages to you with their questions and suggestions as well on your pitch questions. This simple method is an effective way to garner engagement and valuable feedback. Think of it as a free market research for you!

C. Respond to messages

After your presentation, do reply at your earliest to the messages received. This could lead to a conversation in person while still at the event. These conversations are an opportunity for you to build and grow your community that is interested in your venture.

4. Using Pre after your Event

Pre changes the pitch event experience by optimizing the value for ​all ​ participants. The Pre App’s investment system builds connections between startups and new audiences, providing valuable information for future pitch competitions and helping ventures grow their communities of supporters and stakeholders.

Event Results

To view results of past events that you participated in, tap on Results button on your Dashboard and select the desired event from the list. Results showcases top results - the Leaderboards.

  • The Startups tab showcases the primary Startup Leaderboard, displaying the top 3 startups that raised the most PreMoney from the event. It also displays the startup's market share of overall PreInvestments
  • The PreInvestors tab showcases how the audience fared during the event. It ranks the audience based on their Return on Investment (ROI) which is a function of the performance of the startups at the pitch event.
  • The Ratings tab displays the top three startups on each rating criteria as determined by the audience on a scale of 1-5.

This archived information can give you insight into not only your performance, but also into the greater context of the pitch event itself.


When people in the audience invest PreMoney in your startup, they become your PreInvestors on Pre and get added to your community list. Updates is a great way to let your PreInvestors know what you are up to. Whenever you post an update, they’ll be automatically notified in the app! Keep them engaged!

To take advantage of your newfound audience, from the Dashboard, tap the Message icon on the bottom bar. Navigate to the Updates tab, then tap the “Update your community” button!

Using the Update feature, you can continue to engage the enthusiasm of your audience, even long after the pitch event is over.

That is how you use the Pre app as a startup! Pre helps make your pitch experience even more valuable, engaging, and rewarding. For further help or details, feel free to ​contact us.