What some of our users say
"The Pre App is absolutely the best software I have ever used for startup pitch and business plan competitions. It makes the event fun and gets the audience involved like nothing else. It provides remarkable feedback to the participants, as well as to the organizer. I have run and managed many demo day events across the country from Palo Alto to New York City and there is nothing like this. As Executive Director of CUNY Startups at Baruch College I can say that we are grateful to have Pre for all of our competitions."
"We recently used the Pre app as part of a TiE Atlanta pitch event for women- and minority-led businesses, and also for the global TiE University semi-finals and finals pitch events. The audience stayed engaged throughout the events, thanks to Pre, and we offered small giveaways to continue to keep the interest level high. The founder and the team were great to work with and their support to us throughout the process was top notch, including making software enhancements in a timely manner that enhanced the user experience. Highly recommend the Pre app to event organizers! "
"Gone are the pitch events where the audience cannot meaningfully engage and where the entrepreneur only learns from the judges. Pre puts the "Fun" in "Funding" while creating new value for the audience, judges, and founders."
"As a startup, the Pre app and preRound event were an invaluable experience. I got to see how VC investors might look at my business, as well as receive real time feedback on my pitch from the audience. I don’t know where else a founder can get that sort of connection with the startup community."
"We had a fantastic experience using Pre at the Entrepreneurial Society’s pitch event and we plan to use it at all our future pitches. It’s great for audience engagement, provides valuable feedback for the entrepreneurs, and it’s a fun way to gauge success as a potential investor."
"I used the Pre app last month and found it very useful. Because I was now thinking as an investor at each presentation, I listened more intently. I also started being more critical: how is the presentation, does it make sense, is this a viable product? I would recommend this app to every group that is going to have presenters."
"Pre became not only fun but also a learning tool. It made me - an entrepreneur - look at startups and ideas from an investor’s perspective. Once I got into it, I saw how easy and quick it was to use."